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Price List for Commissioned art

Commissions and waitlist - OPEN

Requests are taken at a first-come-first-serve basis by sending me an email or filling out the contact form

Personal Use

(starts at $85)

For clients looking to promote yourself and gift to friends and family

1) 10" x 10" artwork with background (PNG file)
1) 10" x 10" artowrk without background (PNG file)

Commercial Use

(starts at $125)

For clients looking to use art for merchandise to sell

1) 10" x 10" artwork with background (PNG file)
1) 10" x 10" artwork without background (PNG file)
1) Original Photoshop file
1) Must sign contract for use of artwork **please ask before-hand**

**Additional people, pets, buildings, hammer-head sharks will be $10 each added to the base price**

** Art with Full color backgrounds will start at $100 (personal) $150 (commercial)**

** Please specify in the email if you are looking for personal or commercial use and any image references you might like to use**


Get Informed

What form of payment do you take?

Payment will be taken BEFORE starting the artwork. I accept Venmo and Paypal

Do you take tips?

Tips are always appreciated but not required :)

Can I get the artwork in a different size?

If you'd like your art at a specific size, please let me know prior to starting your art, as it can be difficult once the art has already been created.

How long do you keep my art files?

Artist is not responsible for storing your files. Please download them, to a desktop (preferably) as soon as possible! I cannot guarantee my hard drive won't crash- its happened before! :(

How will you send me my files?

After final proofing, the final artwork will be sent via a file sending service called Wetransfer, to your email

How long does it take to create my art?

Timelines for artwork can take as early as one day to a week- depending on the complexity of the artwork. Also, there is a good chance I am working with other clients, so please take that into consideration.

What are art references?

Art References/ inspirational images are highly recommended with your commission's request! This is so I can get a feel for what you are looking for. Most people will send me screenshots of cute artwork they find online that fits the direction they're going for ( Highly recommend going to places like Pinterest or Google to find ideas)

Exchanges/ Refunds on Illustrations

There are absolutely no exchanges or refunds for custom illustrations. I am providing a personalized service. This is a service job.

Do you make fan art?

No. Fan art is non-negotiable. I can make things similar to what you're looking for but this is a very slippery slope and I try to avoid this all together.

**Please note that I will be using your artwork from time to time for promotional use, educational use, and portfolio, unless otherwise specified!

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